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I'm Wyatt, a student at RPI studying Computer Science, Game Design, and Computer Systems Engineering. I enjoy staying up late for game jams with my partners at our indie studio Aestronauts, and crunching for hackathons with my girlfriend. I'm currently working an internship as a Procedural Tools Programmer at Epic Games.

I specialize in game engine development, graphics engineering, and tool development!

Procedural Tools Programmer

Epic Games

Worked on small team to build an asynchronous procedural node-graph editor + runtime for the Unreal Engine 5 for large-scale worldbuilding

Supported technical artists driving feature requests and drove feature implementation for procedural content integration with Lyra and other UE5 sample projects

Gameplay/Graphics Programmer


Cofounded an indie game studio alongside 5 of my coworkers and participated in a start-up incubation program to rapidly prototype multiple video game concepts with a focus on polish and publishing practices.

After 3 months of development and $8,000 in funding, we released the free-to-play rhythm platformer Tempo on Steam.

Tempo reached the top 5 trending on Steam during its first week of release and had over 40,000 unique players in the first month.

Unreal Engine Graphics/Tools Programmer

Epoch Games

Developed shaders, lighting, and visual effects in Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on optimization and performance for the large-scale AAA quality open-world RPG The Lays of Althas.

Directly supported the level design and technical art teams with tooling, bug-fixes, and optimizations

Lead Gameplay Programmer

Knucklebones Interactive

I lead the programming department and work alongside the Project Managers to facilitate collaboration between four other departments totaling over 20 individuals.

I have led two projects from initial concept to playable prototype, and took responsibility for gameplay systems, networking, graphics, game AI, and tool development.

As the lead, I make technical decisions and design the overall architecture of primary systems. I also mentor and support new members of the team by producing quality documentation, engaging in 1on1s, weekly department meetings, and code reviews.

In addition, I give internal presentations and workshops to share my experience in areas such as source control and graphics.

Associate Software Engineer


Collaborated on a small internal development team creating tooling to expedite the development of healthcare software.

Participated in two-week sprints and led product pitches in Shark-Tank style presentations.

Tools Programmer

Razor Edge Games

Led small team in development of backend development tools for the AAA title Eden Falling and provided support for the gameplay programming and design teams.

Software Engineer Intern

Nebula Space Enterprise

Researched, designed, and implemented solutions for a high-performance cluster computing system to survive environmental conditions in low earth orbit.

Contributed to payload design for multi-million dollar image processing satellite.

B.S. Computer Science and Computer Graphics

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



Work In Progress

In the meantime, here are some of my shader repositories:

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This website was built from scratch by myself and my amazing girlfriend Brianna Ta, who specializes in full-stack software engineering.