Wyatt Marvil

I'm Wyatt, a student at RPI studying Computer Science, Game Design, and Computer Systems Engineering. I love participating in game jams and hackathons with my girlfriend and my indie team the Aestronauts. I'm currently working as the Lead Gameplay Programmer for Knucklebones Interactive.

I specialize in tools programming, game engine development, and graphics engineering, and occasionally share my thoughts in the blog section below (WIP)!

Check out my resume here!


OpenGL Engine

3D Rendering Engine using OpenGL and GLSL


2D Game built in 24 hours for the Github Game Off 2020 Jam

Labyrinth of Sound

2D Game created for the 2020 PROCJAM using procedural sound, color, and maze generation


Occupancy Tracking System using computer vision, machine learning, and full stack web technologies


Extendo Arm

The first iteration of the extendo arm.